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We share the common vision that (mathematics) education can be significantly improved by enhancing functional thinking.
To achieve this goal we worked out three main project objectives:

Learning environments for school

The development of digital-embodied and situated learning environments for inquiry that can be implemented in mathematics classrooms from primary to upper secondary school in order to support students’ functional thinking.

(Pre-service) teacher course

The implementation of a corresponding pre-service teacher course to enable pre-service teachers to effectively enhance their future students’ functional thinking through these learning environments.

Digital platform

Enhancing the reflection, transnational interaction and professional exchange by launching an open educational, interactive and multilingual digital platform equipped with the project outcomes.


Nomogram Intro & Graph

The learning environment Nomograms Intro & Graph is now available on our platform! Log in or…

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Transnational Meeting Cyprus

In January 2023, we met for our 6th transnational meeting in Cyprus. Similar to the meetings before,…

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Transnational Meeting Krakow

In September 2022, we met for our next transnational meeting. The transnational meetings are always…

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IO 3: Digital platform


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